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“A late installation can
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Finding and Fixing
Roof Leaks

As any property owner or manager knows, a leaking roof is a serious problem — and yet often, finding the exact source of the leak can be a challenge. At R.D. Bean, our dedicated, professional repair and service crews are fully trained in roof leak detection and proper roof repair.

Once we locate the problem or defect that is causing the leak, that’s exactly what we repair (as opposed to replacing a larger area of the roof, as some others do, adding to the customer’s costs). For added peace of mind and convenience, our workers are certified by many of the major roofing manufacturers, which means that we can perform warranty repairs as well as non-warranted repairs. As a result, building owners and managers can avoid the headache of having to contact different contractors to perform the needed work.

Expert Roof Maintenance
Extreme weather, abuse, building movement, rooftop equipment and many other factors can affect your roof’s maintenance needs. Routine, twice-a-year roof inspections are essential to achieving maximum service life for commercial roofing systems — and more to the point, help you save money. How? When potential problems are identified early through proactive roof maintenance, minimal expense can prevent premature failure. R.D. Bean can perform maintenance and repair services dedicated to helping the building owner protect their investment and achieve a longer roof life expectancy.

Penetrations/Equipment Installations
Whether you need to add or make changes to your rooftop equipment, our service crews can help. We’ll work with you or your mechanical, electrical or plumbing contractor to ensure the proper installation of equipment and associated flashing to uphold manufacturers’ warranties. At the same time, we’ll help make sure your roof remains intact and leak-free so that it can last its expected lifetime.
Installed with Every Job: Safety & Peace of Mind

There’s nothing we take more
seriously than the safety of
your tenants, employees and
our own crews. In fact, safety
awareness is an integral part
of our business.
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